Training Services

Chuck has unique talents that produces horses that excel in the show ring.  Chuck excels at starting young horses and ponies, and producing horses and ponies that are capable of winning national championship titles.  

  • A wealth of knowledge and skill in pairing juveniles and amateurs with appropriate horses and ponies.

  • Timbermist strives to produce a highly trained horse that will be competitive. They have taken many beginning riders, paired them with appropriate horses, and provided the experience and thrill of winning in the show ring.

  • At Timbermist Farm, each horse is treated as a unique individual. Training programs are geared towards the needs of the horse and the aspirations of the rider.

  • The trainers are very proficient at producing safe, dependable, and appropriate mounts suitable for a juvenile or an amateur. Young horses are worked at a pace that the horse dictates to ensure a comfortable progression for that particular animal. Horses are conditioned for optimum performance, whether they are pleasure or show horses.

  • Looking for a quality horse to ride?  We can help you find the right horse for YOU11

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